I advise product teams and organizations with design strategy and direction. From concepts, interaction models, detailed product design frameworks, principles, architecture, early north stars to brand directions, I help teams with their design requirements specific to their organization's need and context.
A team meeting tool that gets work done for real. It is a rethought, reimagined notes taking tool, where action items are assigned, tracked and managed efficiently to ensure progress and accountability.
Treebo Hotels
Building experience for an online hotel chain. Treebo brings absolute transparency and guaranteed quality to its customers making it one of the fastest growing startups in India.
Classroom of the future
A silicon valley startup that is rethinking classrooms from grounds up. A more open and a more democratic platform that works the way millenials think and like to engage.
Business to Retail
Design and strategy for a manufacturer to retailer app required deep user study and experimentation to come to the best interaction model.
App Design Language for the most popular web content publishers
Advised and designed the visual language for TVF Play's mobile app. Detailed study and exploration was involved before coming up with the final visual language.
Online tutoring and teacher's app
At Vedantu we created some very interesting products. We designed a teacher's app that won international awards and then worked on future of course books. Much of Vedantu's core business of online tutoring required first principle thinking in design.
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